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Tall Martini Vases

Tall Martini Vases

Dimensions 10", 24",32" height



Make your event décor look classy with our fabulous Tall Martini Vase Collection! This bold design is a great choice for a wide range of events. Whether you’re going for classic elegance at a wedding or something wild and unique for a bachelorette party, you can get the look you want with this versatile glass vase.

Each Tall Martini Vase starts with a flat disc of clear glass that sits right on the table, counter or wherever you choose to display it. A slender neck rises from the center, forming a straight length that then widens to form a dramatic martini glass top. There are many, many ways to customize this martini glass vase. Display as is or tie on ribbons, raffia, cords and more around the stem. Try dangling strands of exquisite beads from the rim while filling with full flower blossoms or a floating candle.


  • Available in three different heights: 10", 24", 32"
  • Our smallest Martini Vase stands 10" tall, 9.25" top width with a 5" base.
  • We stock two 24" tall Martini Vases. Both vases are 12" top wide.
  • One 24" Vase has a smaller mouth holding less liquid.
  • Our biggest vase stands at 32" tall and its top is 12" wide.
  • The standard base is a sturdy 7-1/4” wide.

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